Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long

Have you ever experienced a cold spot in your home? Maybe you’ve felt a draft while bundled up watching a movie in your living room? If so, your home likely has a heating issue that is causing this. Our team of HVAC contractors at Eanes Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help, and we wanted to share five tips on how you can prevent these instances in the future.

1. Check If Your Windows Are Insulated

Non-insulated windows are a leading cause of cold spots. Single-paned windows or windows with small gaps around the edges are poorly insulated. Fix this by using plastic window sealing kits to seal up your non-insulated windows.

2. The Airflow is Being Blocked

A blocked vent or radiator can lead to a drafty room. Check to see if any of your vents are blocked by furniture or other items and rearrange them if so.

3. Your HVAC System Needs Balancing

An unbalanced HVAC distribution system can prevent the proper amount of air from being provided to each grille. An HVAC contractor can assess your system to ensure that it is correctly balanced and there are no leaks or obstructions.

4. Your Furnace Is Not Large Enough to Heat Your Entire Home

A furnace that is too small for the home it is servicing will fail to heat the areas of the home furthest away from the unit. If you think this may the case, contact an HVAC contractor to professionally assess the situation. They will calculate the proper sized furnace needed to keep your entire home heated throughout the winter.

5. Your HVAC System Needs to Be Repaired

If your HVAC system is getting up there in age, it’s performance will drop, and issues may arise. If this is the case, your system may be due for repairs, or even replacement. Contact an HVAC contractor to assess your current system and determine if a repair or a replacement is necessary.

Residents of High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas are encouraged to reach out to our team at Heating and Air with any HVAC questions that need to be addressed. Call our office closest to you to speak with a team member today.