The Top Six Things You Should Know About Heating & Cooling Your Home

As an HVAC contractor in North Carolina, it’s our responsibility to make sure your home’s environment is at the right temperature while keeping your energy bill to a minimum throughout the year. To help with that, here are six facts that all homeowners should know in order to achieve the best results from their HVAC system.

1. Keep Your Home Properly Ventilated

Poor ventilation can lead to poor air quality and sickness. Be sure your home is properly ventilated year-round.

2. Make Sure Vent Openings Are Clear at All Times

Make sure that the vent openings outside of your home are clear and nothing is blocking them. If gas equipment is poorly ventilated, carbon monoxide production can occur which can be fatal.

3. Do Not Use Furnace Rooms as Storage

Keeping the area clear around your furnace is important for it to function properly. Unnecessary items stored nearby can cause the furnace to burn with improper oxygen levels, and ultimately lead to a fire.

4. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Routine HVAC Maintenance

This can be easy to do, but it’s important not to skip maintenance on your HVAC system. Routine HVAC maintenance is as important as getting the oil changed in your car. HVAC maintenance will maximize the life of your system, limit the need for future repairs, and keep your system running efficiently for its full life span.

5. Replace Old HVAC Equipment

While no one wants to buy a new furnace, it eventually becomes necessary and makes the most financial sense. Old HVAC equipment can cost more in the long run as it becomes inefficient and increases the cost of your energy bill. An HVAC contractor can help you determine the right time to replace your old equipment.

6. The Temperature Will Never Be Perfect

We know this isn’t want you want to here, but it’s the reality. Achieving the perfect temperature in your home on a year-round basis becomes very costly and cumbersome. But a professional HVAC contractor will help you get as close as possible while keeping the cost of your energy bill to a minimum.

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