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Keep Carbon Monoxide Out of Your Home

It Attacks Before You Even Know It’s There! As a harmful gas that has no smell, taste and is invisible to the naked eye, carbon monoxide can catch you and your family unaware if you’re not familiar with its dangers. It’s so deadly because it often strikes before you...

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Smart Thermostat Advantages

Your Comfort, Your Control, At Your Fingertips Remember the good old days when you had to adjust your heating equipment’s output by going to the unit itself and manually adjusting its temperature? Then came thermostats, which gave you more flexibility in setting the...

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6 HVAC Facts That Everyone Should Know

The Top Six Things You Should Know About Heating & Cooling Your Home As an HVAC contractor in North Carolina, it’s our responsibility to make sure your home’s environment is at the right temperature while keeping your energy bill to a minimum throughout the year....

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Air Conditioner Replacement Infographic

It is important that our air conditioners are fully functional during the summer months in North Carolina. To ensure that your air conditioner is equipped to handle the workload, consider whether your AC unit needs to be replaced. How can you tell? Eanes Heating &...

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