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Has your power ever gone out for a few seconds and popped back on as if nothing happened? These fleeting lapses in electricity are called “power surges.” Power surges are a nuisance that affects some homes multiple times a day. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that U.S. homes experienced over seven hours of power interruptions in 2021.

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Power surges damage electronics and, in severe cases, cost thousands in electrical repairs. One way to protect your home from power surge damage is with whole-house surge protector installation. At Eanes, our electricians install whole-home surge protectors for homes throughout Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, NC. 

We offer same-day service for surge protector repairs and next-day installation if you want to install a new surge protector. As your local expert electricians, we guarantee upfront pricing and quality service.

Why Do You Need a Whole-House Surge Protector?

Surge protectors are devices that protect electrical equipment from damage during a power surge. These devices connect to your home’s electrical system and protect your outlets and circuit breaker by blocking voltage over a certain threshold, usually 120 volts. Installing a whole-house surge protector with Eanes keeps your electronics safe and helps you avoid costly electrical repairs.

How does a surge protector work? Surge protectors divert extra electricity into the ground wire and away from the devices you have plugged into outlets. This prevents excess electricity from impacting your electronics.

Surge protector devices offer several benefits, including the following:

  • Reducing damage to electronics during power surges
  • Protecting your devices 
  • Minimizing the risk of electrical fires

Many homeowners don’t realize how power surges impact their utility costs. Consistent power surging weakens your appliances, making them less efficient. Whole-home surge protection protects your electronics from these surges, keeping them efficient.

Protect Your Appliances and Devices

Certain electronics are more susceptible to damage during a voltage spike or power surge. The following devices and appliances benefit from whole-home surge protection:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Television sets
  • Gaming consoles
  • Monitors
  • Satellite receivers 
  • Washing machines
  • HVAC systems
  • Refrigerators

Have you ever experienced a power surge that fried your computer or laptop? These devices are some of the most vulnerable to power surges, and losing them means serious consequences for some people. Losing important information, such as work files or personal documents, is just one of the bad outcomes of a power surge.

Large home appliances also fall victim to power surging, and these are costly items to replace. Losing your refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher to a power surge is an expense you can avoid by installing a whole-house surge protector.

Any electronic that plugs directly into an outlet is at risk during a power surge. Our Eanes Comfort whole-house surge protector installation safeguards these devices, preventing you from losing essential data or paying for expensive replacements.

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Mitigate Damage from Internal Power Surges

Have you ever plugged in one appliance and lost all of the power in your home? This is known as an internal power surge.

Also known as voltage transients, internal power surges originate from within the home. In most cases, they don’t cause major damage, but they can shorten the lifespan of your electronics over time.

Internal power surges happen when one of your appliances causes a short circuit, leading to a momentary loss of power throughout the house. Whole-house surge protector installation with Eanes Comfort mitigates this damage and protects your appliances during internal surges.

An estimated 80% of all power surges are internal. By choosing Eanes for electrical services, you’ll know your devices are safe from these internal surges.

Provide Extra Safeguards Through Layering

One way to strengthen your electrical protection is through layering primary and secondary surge protectors. We install primary surge protectors near the electrical panel, where they act as the first line of defense against general surges.

If you’ve ever lost your power for a few seconds after plugging in a vacuum or turning on the air conditioner, you’ve experienced a secondary power surge. These surges happen when your electrical system suddenly has a large power demand. At Eanes Comfort, we install secondary surge protectors on the load side of the primary overcurrent disconnect.

Layering also involves having backup sources of power. Your home has a primary electrical system, but what happens when that goes out due to a storm? Having a backup generator or uninterruptible power supply ensures that you won’t lose power when a surge occurs.

Having both primary and secondary surge protection defends your appliances and devices from all types of power surges.

Surge Protection Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Surge Protector and a Power Strip?

Surge protectors hook up to your home’s electrical system and protect every outlet from power surges. Power strips are a simple way to plug multiple devices into one electrical source without any protective benefits.

What Causes a Power Surge?

Power surges can result from various factors, including the cycling on and off of large appliances, power outages, downed power lines, faulty wiring, issues with the utility company’s infrastructure, and the use of high-energy electrical devices. These surges can potentially harm electronic devices, emphasizing the importance of using surge protectors for safeguarding sensitive equipment.

Who Needs Whole-House Surge Protection?

All houses, especially those in areas with frequent thunderstorms, are susceptible to power surges and can benefit from whole-house surge protection. 

How Long Do Surge Protectors Last?

The duration of your surge protector depends on how often you experience power surges, but most surge protectors last between three and five years. Using high-demand electronics puts extra strain on the device, shortening its lifespan. 

Whole-Home Surge Protector Services in the Piedmont Triad Area

Do constant power surges have you worried about the devices in your home? Safeguard your electronics with whole-house surge protector installation from Eanes Comfort. We provide a full range of home electrical services, including surge protection installation. 

Residents throughout the Piedmont Triad area choose Eanes Comfort for all of their electrical needs. From panel updates to electrical wiring placement, you can count on us to keep your home’s electronics up and running. Contact us at 1-336-329-6634 or schedule an appointment online with one of our electricians.

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