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AC replacement and AC Installation are tricky issues. It can be difficult to know when a replacement is necessary or when simple repairs would be the best choice. Luckily, there are some signs that can alert you.

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If you’re noticing anything abnormal with your air conditioning system, it’s time to pay attention. Learn what signs indicate an impending replacement and how properly installing a new unit can lead to additional benefits.

Signs You Need AC Replacement

Signs indicating AC replacement is necessary often accompany the path to replacement and will become increasingly obvious as a replacement becomes more and more necessary. These signs are also easy to spot if you know what to look for, making them a great asset for any homeowner. 

1. Age

In most cases, AC systems that are experiencing problems and needing replacement are not new systems. They are older systems that have already been around for a while. The simple fact that a system is aging is the first indication that it may need to be replaced. 

Specifically, homeowners should be on the lookout when their AC system is ten years old. At this point, the system will likely need to be replaced soon. Homeowners should start planning for this eventuality around this time. 

2. Frequent Repairs

AC Repair & AC maintenance

As an AC system breaks down, it will experience more and more problems. This means it will need ac repairs more frequently. 

At a certain point, this becomes too much to handle. The cost of constant repairs ends up being more than the cost of replacing the system entirely. When this happens, air conditioner replacement is the only real solution. 

3. Inefficiency

As systems start to degrade, they become less efficient. This has a negative impact on the overall health of the system. 

This will be initially noticeable by the fact that the unit no longer gets as cold as it used to. In some cases, the unit won’t get very cold at all and will simply blow room-temperature air around. In these cases, the unit isn’t doing much yet is still using energy. 

A professional HVAC installation company can help address these inefficiencies. They can even help you find a more efficient model than the one you previously had. 

4. Decreased Comfort

The decline of an AC system can also cause discomfort. If the system is running poorly, it won’t cool the room down like you want it to. This can lead to summers that are hotter and less enjoyable than they should be. 

In addition, other strange problems can strike. A system can make strange noises or even produce weird smells. This makes it less comfortable to be around the system at all. 

An air conditioning repair service can keep these problems at bay for a while and deal with them as they show up. However, over time, replacing the system with a better one will become necessary. 

5. High Energy Bills

In some situations, an AC unit is becoming less and less efficient. However, these inefficiencies are not that noticeable because the AC unit’s output seems to be the same. The room will feel as cold as it usually does, and it won’t seem like there is a problem at all. 

However, there is still one place where the inefficiencies are noticeable: energy bills. This is because some inefficient systems simply run at a more and more intense level as they become less efficient. The system does this to make up for the fact that it is producing less cold air than usual. Unfortunately, this means it is also driving up the electric bills because running like this takes more energy. 

This can be seen by comparing one set of energy bills to another. If one set is inexplicably higher during a month the AC was running, an inefficient AC unit may be to blame. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New AC Unit?

Installing a new AC unit has several benefits. Some come from the fact that the old system is no longer weighing down the home’s HVAC equipment. Others come from the advantages of modern systems. 

For one, installing a new system directly addresses any problems the old system was experiencing. If the old system was starting to become less efficient or needs repairs more often, the new system won’t have these problems for a long while to come. Simply replacing the old system with a new version of the same model would provide these benefits. 

However, in almost every case, the old system isn’t being replaced with the exact same model. It is being replaced with a newer one. With nearly every passing year, AC units become more energy-efficient and run better. So, having a new model means making an upgrade in these categories as well. 

Importance of Proper AC Installation

While the air conditioner itself is important, it is not the only factor that impacts the function of an HVAC system. The installation of the air conditioner has an impact as well. 

Specifically, improper ac installation can lead to an ineffective air conditioner. If this happens, the air conditioner could have a basic problem that prevents it from working as it should. In this case, the air conditioner doesn’t need to be replaced, just installed correctly

The other problem that takes place during the AC installation process is that the wrong AC unit is chosen. If the unit cannot handle the size of the home, it will never quite be enough for that home. In these cases, replacing the air conditioner with one better suited for the job is the only way to fix the problem. 

Proper AC installation can even provide homeowners with additional options. For example, a mini-split AC system may suit the home better than a traditional approach. 

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