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Although many homeowners forget annual AC maintenance, these yearly tune-ups can benefit your comfort level and wallet. An AC tune-up can make your unit last longer, increase reliability, and boost energy savings. Additionally, maintenance helps keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid, and this will help pay for repairs or replacement if your system fails inside your warranty period. 

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Our dedicated and professional team of Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning technicians offer comprehensive maintenance services on AC systems in Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding areas. This reduces the need for expensive repairs and ensures you stay comfortable all summer.  

Why Does Your AC Unit Need AC Maintenance and Tune-Up?

AC Repair & AC maintenance

A professional performing preventative maintenance is necessary to ensure your unit works as hard as possible during the hottest months and runs efficiently when needed. To reduce your costs to repair your system when it malfunctions or breaks down, and to keep your cooling system running correctly, schedule an annual air conditioner tune-up. Benefits of doing so include but are not limited to: 

  • Better performance from your unit 
  • Can help prevent expensive repairs 
  • Helps ensure cleaner indoor air quality 
  • Higher efficiency rating 
  • Increases how long your unit lasts
  • Offers better overall home comfort levels, even on scorching days 

Whether you need your annual air conditioner maintenance or if it’s long overdue and you want a professional to check your system, we can help. Our customers’ comfort in the Triad Area, including Winston-Salem, NC, is always our top priority year-round. 

6 Benefits of AC Maintenance

An AC tune-up or maintenance has several great benefits, so we highly recommend it at least once a year. Having our team perform your system maintenance and routine tune-ups can help with the following: 

1. Lower Utility Costs

When you take steps to maintain your AC, it runs much more efficiently, which lowers your utility bills. Also, consider that many problems with these units happen behind the scenes. For example, you could switch it on and run it without knowing it has leaky ducts, a dirty filter, or a malfunctioning motor. 

These things strain your unit, causing it to exert more energy to run and drive up the costs. To ensure your system is as efficient as possible, you want a professional inspection once a year or whenever you notice your utility bills spiking. 

2. Keeps Your Units Working Longer

Your AC unit should last to the end of its life expectancy when you maintain it. If you skip the yearly maintenance, you may have to replace the whole thing much sooner than expected. On the other hand, when you have correctly lubricated belts and clean fans, the AC unit won’t have to struggle to run. So, extend your AC’s lifespan by scheduling routine inspections. 

3. Purify Air Quality

An AC system does so much more than pump cold air into your home; it can help clean your indoor air. As the air moves through the AC unit and into your home, it goes through a filtration system. Depending on the filters and system you pick, it can screen out common contaminants, like dust or pollen. 

When you neglect regular cleaning and maintenance, these filters start to fill. The more they filter out, the more gets caught in the screens. Eventually, a thick layer of buildup can cause it to malfunction. It can even introduce contaminants into your indoor air, lowering the quality. Routine maintenance will ensure the filters are clean and clear, ensuring fewer breakdowns. 

4. Fewer Breakdowns

You’ll be extremely uncomfortable and frustrated if your air conditioner breaks down during the hottest summer months in High Point or your heater gives out in the dead of winter. They can be costly if you have to contact someone for emergency repairs. Regular maintenance can help prevent surprise failures. By putting your system on a routine air conditioner maintenance schedule, your team can catch small mistakes before they cause failures.  

This is a huge way to avoid expensive repair bills. Additionally, neglecting routine inspections and maintenance can void your parts warranty. We suggest scheduling annual or bi-annual maintenance to help save yourself financial stress and swapping out faulty or worn parts to keep your system in top shape. 

5. Reduces Unnecessary Noise and Odors

Since you took steps to maintain your system correctly, it’ll run smoothly. This also means you won’t have to contend with clanking or loud noises from loose parts rattling around the system. There will also be less grime and dust that could cause odors in your home. So, it helps keep your home quieter and cleaner.  

6. Makes Life More Comfortable

Air conditioning is one way to make your life more comfortable, regardless of temperature. The system helps to create a perfect atmosphere for your daily activities. In addition, having the ability to adjust the indoor temperature gives you a respite from the unpredictable outdoor weather. 

A reputable AC tune-up and maintenance company offers various services to ensure your system survives for years and works the whole time efficiently. These services include clean-outs, parts repair, tune-ups, and general maintenance tasks. Additionally, AC professionals are able to diagnose problems and offer solutions quickly. 

How Often Should Your  Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

Ideally, you’ll schedule a routine inspection and maintenance on your AC twice a year, one in spring and the second in early autumn. You want your air conditioner maintenance finished before summer’s heat and the cold sets in during the fall. HVAC units tend to fail when you put them under the most pressure, and the last thing you want is a system breakdown when local temperatures soar or drop below freezing. 

Call Eanes for AC Maintenance

Anyone in the Winston-Salem, High Point, or Greenboro areas in North Carolina who need AC maintenance or a tune-up should get in touch. Our experienced and professional staff are on-hand and ready to schedule a visit at a time that works around your busy schedule. We’ll take a look at your system, clean it out, and give you a quote for any necessary repairs to get your AC running as efficiently as possible to keep you cool and comfortable during the long, hot summer months.

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