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Dependable Furnace Repair IN North Carolina

Furnace repair is a serious matter that should never be taken lightly. Without it, you may have to deal with a cold house over the winter and potentially confront a variety of serious issues

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When it comes to dependable furnace repair, you can count on Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning. We will diagnose the issue with your furnace and promptly rectify it. We are the top choice for furnace repair in Greensboro, NC, and we believe our skills and expertise demonstrate this clearly. 

5 Common Furnace Problems

Furnace repair usually boils down to addressing one of a few common problems. These range from simple issues with the thermostat to an incredibly dangerous carbon monoxide leak. 

1. Unresponsive Thermostat

Your thermostat essentially controls the furnace. If it isn’t sensing the right temperature or has some other issue, it won’t issue the commands to the furnace you want. 

2. Runs Continuously

Sometimes, something will cause your furnace to run constantly. While running, it may not even blow hot air, making it effectively worthless. To resolve this, you will need a professional to identify the cause.

3. Poor Heat Distribution

Your furnace should evenly distribute heat across your living spaces, or you’ll end up with some rooms that are freezing cold and others that are too warm. If the system doesn’t distribute heat evenly, it either indicates a problem or that it needs to be altered in some way. 

4. Bad Odors

If bad orders come from your furnace, they will quickly spread across your entire home. The only way to get rid of this issue is to attack the problem at the source. 

5. Carbon Monoxide Leak

One of the absolute worst things that can happen to your furnace is a carbon monoxide leak. You can sometimes notice this if the furnace flame changes color or you have a carbon monoxide detector. These leaks can potentially be deadly, and if detected, you should leave the house and seek professional help immediately. We highly recommend placing a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you have gas appliances.

Types of Furnace Repairs We Perform

At Eanes, we offer furnace repair services for multiple different types of furnace systems. This allows us to serve many different homes across the state. Systems we service include: 

  • Gas heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Oil heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Central heating systems

For these systems, we offer an array of different repairs. These effectively cover most problems you may encounter with your furnace. These repairs include: 

  • Heat pump repair
  • Electric heater repair
  • Gas heater repair
  • Oil heater repair
  • Central heating repair
  • Thermostat repair
  • System maintenance 

Why You Need Eanes for Your Furnace Repair Services

Eanes can help you with all types of furnace problems. Whether you have a furnace that won’t run at all or are dealing with a minor issue, we can fix it. We also provide related services such as maintenance and installation. So, you can contact us whether you are looking to tune up your furnace or want to know what size furnace you should install in your home. 

We also bring our reputation with us to every job. We’ve been in this business since 1967 and have made a lot of homeowners happy since then. Over those years, we’ve picked up a level of experience that allows us to tackle any job out there and get it done in a way that works for our customers. 

Our Service Locations 

We provide furnace repair services, furnace maintenance services, and even emergency furnace repair in many locations surrounding Greensboro and Winston-Salem. So, whether you’re up in Mount Airy, down in Salisbury, or even as far out as Burlington, we can be the furnace repair company you rely on.

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