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When you face problems with your heating system, you need an experienced HVAC contractor that will get the job done right while delivering exceptional customer service. With over 50 years of industry expertise, Eanes Home Comfort provides the heater repair services you need to ensure consistent heat production all winter long. Schedule with us today for reliable indoor comfort.

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We Repair Most Heating Systems

Whatever type of heating system you have, our team can repair it using the most advanced HVAC tools and technology available. When you schedule with us, a certified technician will come to your home or business to identify system issues and make necessary repairs. We even have you covered with reliable 24/7 emergency repairs—at no extra charge—so you don’t have to wait for the services you need.

We offer repair services for the following heating components:

  • Gas heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Oil heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Central heating systems

Here’s a comprehensive list of the heater repair services our technicians perform using the industry’s latest techniques:

  • Heat pump repair
  • Electric heater repair
  • Gas heater repair
  • Oil heater repair
  • Central heating repair
  • Thermostat repair

Know When You Need Heater Repairs

Knowing when your heater needs to be repaired is a key component of proper system functioning and longevity. Here are the top 11 signs that it’s time to call your local HVAC technician to perform heater repairs:

  1. Malfunctioning or broken parts
  2. Inefficient or limited heat production
  3. Indoor temperature doesn’t align with the thermostat setting
  4. Uneven heating
  5. Increased monthly energy bills
  6. Aging system
    1. Heat pump is 10+ years old
    2. Gas heater is 15+ years old
  7. Blower constantly runs
  8. Short cycling
  9. Poor air quality
  10. Strange noises
  11. Unpleasant smells

What Causes Your Heater to Stop Working Properly?

Knowing what causes your heater to stop working properly can help you prevent future system malfunctions and breakdowns. The most common causes of heater problems include:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Dirty blower, flame sensor, or burners
  • Electrical wiring issues

5 Ways To Make Your Heating System More Energy-efficient

The more energy-efficient your heating system is, the longer it will last, the more money you’ll save each month, and the more you’ll help the environment. If you want to know ways to improve the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial heating system, check out our tips below.

  1. Invest in an energy-efficient model with a high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating
  2. Replace the air filter every 1-3 months
  3. Schedule routine system maintenance
  4. Install a programmable thermostat
  5. Clean the air vents regularly

The Trusted Heating Professionals

Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning

Are you in need of dependable heater repair services in Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Eanes Home Comfort is the name you can trust. As your local residential and commercial HVAC contractor, Eanes knows how to get the job done right to ensure reliable warmth when you need it most. Schedule with our team of licensed HVAC technicians today for prompt service at an affordable rate.

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