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You use water every day in your home. From morning showers to cooking, the quality and cleanliness of your water play a major role in the quality of your plumbing systems and the health of your family. Furthermore, contaminants in your water can actually start to degrade its taste and appearance.

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Because of the importance of maintaining clean water, installing a water treatment system in your home is essential. Integrating a water purification system eliminates potentially harmful contaminants that can have negative impacts on your plumbing and health. With many available system types, plumbing experts can help you choose the best fit for your property.

Enlist top-rated plumbing experts with Eanes Comfort for water treatment services. Our experts understand the best available systems for water purification and can recommend the right configuration for your home. Contact us today to schedule services and ensure clean water in your property.

Why You Might Need a Water Purification System in Your Home

Homeowners wondering whether they need a water purification system for their property might not know of the many contaminants that can degrade a water supply. From heavy metals to bacteria, contaminated water can degrade your plumbing systems and increase the chances of certain illnesses. Thus, calling for water treatment installation protects your family and home.

Depending on the contaminants impacting your home, plumbers can recommend the best water treatment to address those issues. For example, reverse osmosis systems work best at reducing particulate matter like sediment and metals. Water softeners can also eliminate minerals and heavy metals that damage your pipes.

The following contaminants pose the most common threats to home plumbing systems. Depending on your home’s location in central North Carolina, your property may be at greater risk of exposure to one or more of these contaminants. Experts from Eanes Comfort can inspect your pipes and water fixtures to recommend the best water treatment system for your property.

  1. Metals

While professionals treat your pipes during installation to avoid metal contamination, corrosion can eventually allow heavy metals like lead, mercury, calcium, and magnesium to enter your water supply. Heavy metals exposure can become toxic and cause issues like lead and mercury poisoning that cause developmental problems for children and young people, as well as kidney failure.

  1. Agricultural Chemicals

Whether or not you live near prominent agricultural areas, chemicals used in farming and food production can find their way into the local water supply and cause problems for your home systems. Chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and other agricultural chemicals can infect your water supply and cause issues with reproductive organs and hormonal regulation.

  1. Bacteria

Bacteria grow and thrive within your plumbing systems at all times, especially during the warmer seasons of the year. Without proper filtration systems installed in all your water fixtures, bacteria could infiltrate your drinking water, cause health issues, and promote mold growth in your plumbing taps. 

  1. Other Contaminants

Besides metals, agricultural chemicals, and heavy metals, various other chemicals can infect a water supply, triggering plumbing and health issues. Pharmaceutical chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), industrial contaminants, chlorine, and byproducts are just some of the threats to a clean water supply that proper filtration systems eliminate.

How Do I Know If I Need a Water Treatment System?

In most cases, an unclean water supply will be relatively obvious. However, knowing all the potential signs of a contaminated water supply ensures that you call plumbing professionals to install filtration systems before significant negative repercussions affect your health and home comfort systems. Some of the top signs of a contaminated water supply include:

  • Cloudy appearance to water
  • Clear sediment in water
  • Chlorine smell
  • Brown or orange appearance
  • Oily film on the top of water
  • Sulfuric odors
  • Metallic taste
  • Rusted silverware or other cooking utensils

It’s essential to call a qualified plumbing professional the moment you notice any of these signs for environmentally friendly water treatment services. However, if you still feel unsure of the importance of these services, knowing some of the benefits of filtered water could encourage you to call plumbing experts.

Besides protecting your health and plumbing systems, filtered water is actually better for the environment. If you rely on bottled water because of contamination in your home’s supply, the plastic accumulated from these bottles is awful for the environment. Furthermore, contaminants in your water supply can make their way into underground sewage and impact soil health.

Filtered water can actually save you money. Hard water caused by the contaminants of heavy metals and minerals can quickly degrade your pipes, cause corrosion, and require expensive plumbing repairs. Furthermore, purchasing bottled water can also run up a significant tab. 

Finally, water filtration systems offer health benefits beyond avoiding illnesses. In fact, filtered water is far better for your skin and can help you avoid rashes, eczema, and skin irritation. It’s also far easier to wash your hair and soapy scum with soft water.

With the holistic benefits provided by a water purification system, installing one in your home should be an easy decision. Contact professionals from Eanes Comfort to integrate the best filtration style into your property.

Professional Water Treatment Installation in Central North Carolina

Installing a water treatment system provides holistic benefits to your North Carolina home. From improving the cleanliness of your water to protecting your plumbing systems, a water purification system serves as an excellent addition to any property. It can also save you from needing frequent plumbing maintenance, repairs, and system replacements.

When considering plumbing companies to install your new system, choose Eanes Comfort. Our top-rated plumbing professionals use the best tools and techniques in the industry to perform comprehensive water treatment services in your home. From water treatment installation to softening services, our professionals ensure clean water for homes in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding area.

Professional plumbers can inspect your home, identify potential contaminants, and recommend the best plumbing system for your property. For more information on the reasons to get a water treatment system in your home, call 336-560-9298 and schedule top-rated plumbing services from Eanes Comfort.

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