Tips That Will Keep Your Home’s Air Quality Fresh and Healthy

Awareness of the impact that our energy usage has on the environment has led to technological changes that lower the amount of energy consumers use. As an example, HVAC systems have reduced their heating and cooling loads, which improves environmental quality and saves our customers money at the same time.

Our industry makes every effort to lower our customers’ energy use, but some forms of load in our systems are necessary to maintain proper ventilation in your home. Introducing fresh air into the system may use more energy, but limiting air from the outside can be even more harmful.

Read on to understand why proper ventilation matters to your family’s health, particularly when temperatures get colder.

1. Ventilation takes moisture out of the air

The process of ventilation brings fresh air into your home while pushing stale air out. Removing stale air is especially important for areas in the home where there tends to be more moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. This keeps potentially harmful problems like mold and bacteria from developing.

When used as recommended, exhaust fans can be a very effective way to ventilate the areas where moisture can occur. Regularly maintaining your exhaust fans will make sure these areas stay well ventilated.

2. Ventilation prevents the accumulation of unhealthy gases

Improper ventilation can lead to an accumulation of carbon dioxide and other gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). An accumulation of carbon dioxide in the home can result in symptoms such as fatigue, agitation and headaches. Short-term contact with VOCs can irritate the eyes, throat and lungs, while long-term exposure can affect the liver and central nervous system.

Recent studies have shown that there are pollutants in the air within the home that can have as much impact on our health as air pollution outside. Proper ventilation is by far the best way to keep levels of indoor pollution at a minimum while maintaining a healthy quality of air.

3. Reduces germ exposure

Wintertime is when illnesses like the flu tend to thrive. It is also happens to be when we’re inclined to spend more time indoors. That is why eliminating the germs and bacteria in the home through proper ventilation will stop the spread of illnesses like the cold and flu and keep your family healthy.

Fortunately, technology has evolved so that preventing sickness through proper ventilation does not have to come at the cost of huge increases to your home’s heating load. New devices known as energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are now available that maintain healthy air quality without using much energy.

If you live in High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas, give Eanes Heating and Air a call and we’ll be glad to show you how you can keep your family and home healthy, particularly during the winter.