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5 Common HVAC Problems in Older Houses

5 Common HVAC Problems in Older Houses

Just as our bodies deteriorate as we get older, houses (and their HVAC systems) experience natural wear and tear over time. Aging homes can cause overheating, which puts homeowners’ safety and comfort at risk. The best way to solve a problem is to know its root causes. Here are the top 5 HVAC problems that affect older homes.

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The 5 Most Common HVAC Problems Affecting Older Homes

If you live in an older home, it may be susceptible to one or more of these HVAC problems.

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Older homes suffer from poor indoor air quality due to outdated insulation and HVAC equipment. Poor insulation allows more dust, pollen, and other pollutants to slow down your HVAC system as it tries to filter them out. Since older HVAC systems aren’t equipped with advanced technology, they can’t filter pollutants and produce cool air as effectively as newer, more energy-efficient systems.

2. Leaking Duct System

The duct system plays a critical role in the cooling process. This component transports cool air from the HVAC system to every room in your home, providing premium comfort. As ducts age, cracks form, and cool air gets trapped in the duct system, in the ceiling, or behind walls.

The HVAC system wastes time and energy producing cool air that doesn’t serve its purpose of increasing indoor comfort. You also waste money on monthly energy bills in exchange for no return on your investment.

3. Outdated Equipment

Older homes likely have outdated HVAC equipment that results in slow, inefficient home cooling. These older systems require frequent repairs and are more susceptible to breakdowns. Rather than repairing parts time after time, we recommend investing in new equipment. You’ll save time, money, and stress in the long run.

4. Poor Airflow

The cool air your HVAC system produces is only effective if it flows throughout your home. Unfortunately, a dirty air filter, contaminant buildup in the duct system, and air leaks often prevent proper airflow in older homes. You can improve airflow by regularly replacing your air filter, cleaning the duct system, and sealing any air leaks.

5. High Energy Bills

High Energy Bills - 5 Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes

One of the biggest pain points of living in a home with an older HVAC system is having high energy bills. This spike results from inefficient equipment that doesn’t cool your home adequately. When air filters get dirty, duct systems clog up, and cool air leaks from your home, you can expect to pay more each month on your energy bills.

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