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6 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

6 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

6 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

Here are our top six air conditioning tips to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

1. Check the Filter

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An air filter prevents particles like dust and pollen from lingering in the air. When those contaminants collect on the filter, the air conditioner is forced to use more energy to cool your home at its normal rate. This results in a less energy-efficient cooling process and may cause premature wear and tear on your unit.

That’s why you should either clean or replace the filter regularly. We recommend doing so three to four times per year for enhanced air quality and optimal cooling.

2. Adjust the Thermostat

As summer temperatures rise, homeowners tend to decrease the cool setting on their thermostats. While decreasing this setting by a degree or two won’t break the bank, every degree counts. To avoid excessive energy bills during the summer months, here are two best practices:

  • Invest in a smart thermostat if you don’t already have one. They simplify the cooling process by enabling you to control your home’s temperature at any given moment. Most systems allow you to control the unit settings from the convenience of your phone.
  • Turn the air conditioner off when you leave the house for extended periods of time. Otherwise, the unit will continue producing cool air when no one’s home to enjoy it.

3. Clean the Outdoor Condenser Unit

The outdoor condenser unit removes heat from the outside air to initiate the cooling process. Like the air filter, the fan inside the condenser unit can become bogged down by contaminants like dirt and pollen. To ensure efficient household cooling, maintain the device by hosing it off before summer begins. Avoid using chemical cleaners as these can cause damage. Your technician may recommend a more extensive coil cleaning during your annual AC tune-up.

 4. Check Your Air Conditioning Fan Setting

The fan setting controls how much cool air blows from the vents and into your home. When set to “on,” the AC blows cool air continuously, regardless of room temperature. When set to “auto,” the unit stops generating cool air once it reaches the set temperature. We recommend using the “auto” setting during the summer to extend the life of your air conditioner and prevent energy costs from spiking.

 5. Turn Off Your System When Windows or Doors Are Open

If you plan to keep any windows or outside access doors open during the day, remember to turn off your air conditioner. Leaving the AC running will allow cool air to escape, forcing the unit to work harder. It’s also extremely counterproductive and costly.

6. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling routine HVAC maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your air conditioner, keep it energy-efficient, and ensure optimal household temperatures while keeping costs low.

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