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6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

If you’re having trouble with a furnace that’s not blowing hot air, check out the guide below to see why it might be happening.

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1. Airflow Problems

Airflow Problems - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

A dirty air filter is the leading cause of HVAC airflow problems. The dust, dirt, and debris that travels through the filter build up over time. If the dirty filter isn’t replaced regularly, the built-up debris will restrict the flow of warm air. We recommend replacing pleated air filters every 1-3 months and fiberglass air filters monthly to maintain adequate airflow in every season.

2. Broken Thermostat

Thermostat - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

The thermostat controls the temperature of your home. The furnace runs heating cycles until the temperature setting on the thermostat is reached. If your furnace is running but not producing heat, check to make sure the thermostat is set to heat mode and reflects the temperature you want. If the problem persists with the right thermostat setting, the thermostat might need new batteries or a replacement.

3. Pilot Light Issues

Pilot Light Issues - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

The pilot light consists of a flame that lights the fuel needed for heat production. When the pilot light malfunctions or goes out, the fuel has no way of being heated. Start by attempting to reset the pilot light. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

4. Bad Blower Motor

Bad Blower Motor - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

The blower motor distributes the conditioned air through your home. Without an operating blower motor, the air in your furnace wouldn’t be able to reach you. If you have a bad vent motor, contact an HVAC technician to see whether you should repair or replace it.

5. Burner Issues

Burner Issues - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

The burner is where the heating process occurs. The pilot light ignites the fuel and air mixture in the burner. Just like the air filter, the burner is susceptible to debris buildup. A clogged burner receives little to no fuel supply, making heat production impossible. Simply clean the burner to restore the flow of fuel into the burner.

6. Loss of Power to the Furnace

Loss of Power to the Furnace - Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

A furnace must be turned on and receive power for it to function. If the furnace isn’t working altogether, make sure it’s turned on and has a power supply. People often mistake the switch near the furnace for a light switch. It actually controls power to the unit. If you recently took a trip to your attic and now your heat isn’t working, we recommend checking that switch before giving us a call. 

Why You Should Call a Pro When Your Furnace Doesn’t Start

Any home appliance with gas as its fuel source poses some risks. Unless you have extensive experience repairing gas furnaces, it’s in your best interest to let a professional HVAC technician handle any furnace issues. The technician will also provide you with helpful tips for future furnace maintenance.

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