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Enjoy the Convenience of an EV Charger Installation at Home

Enjoy the Convenience of an EV Charger Installation at Home

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation. They’re becoming an increasingly popular choice due to their eco-friendly and cost-effective nature. However, to keep these green machines running smoothly, you must regularly charge them at specially designed charging stations. This is where professional electricians come into play.

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EV Home Charging Installation in North Carolina

Installing an EV home charging station in North Carolina has never been easier thanks to our comprehensive electrical services. We provide at-home EV charger installations statewide. We’ll help you find the most effective solution for your EV charging needs. From assessing your main panel to determining the optimal location for your outlet/charger, our mission is to get you charged and ready for the road.

Using an EV, especially when combined with solar power and batteries, is a significant step towards energy independence. As renewable energy enthusiasts, we’re excited to join you on this journey.

The financial load of installing a residential Level 2 charger has been lessened significantly by Duke Energy’s recent EV Charger Prep Credit Program. This initiative offers a one-time credit of up to $1,117 per household to cover costs associated with electrical enhancements needed for home charging, including installing outlets, upgrading wiring, and improving electrical panels.*

Duke’s Make Ready Credit Program was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission in 2022. The maximum credit amount is based on the revenue Duke anticipates generating within a few years of installing a charger. The EV Charger Prep Credit Program allows Duke to use future kilowatt-hour sales to subsidize costs, making home charging more affordable for EV drivers.

Accessing the Duke Energy EV Credit is straightforward. If you already have a contractor or have completed charger preparation work in the last four months, simply submit an application along with supporting documents to receive a check in the mail with your credit total—provided your application is approved.

This method is retroactive for 120 days. Customers just starting the process can contact Duke Energy to apply beforehand. The credit is applied to the final contractor bill. 

Why Do You Need EV Home Charging Installation?

As EVs and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) continue to surge in popularity across the US, the demand for home charging stations is also on the rise. Many EV drivers are opting for hardwired EV charging stations installed right in their garages due to the convenience they offer. These charging stations allow users to charge their EVs overnight and top off their charge as needed throughout the day.

Given that these EV charging stations utilize 220- to 240-volt circuits—similar to the voltage of an electric dryer—it’s crucial to hire a professional electrician to install your home EV charger. Our seasoned electricians at Eanes can help you select the ideal charging station for your vehicle. We can handle everything from the initial electrical safety inspection to installing a new high amp breaker in your circuit panel and running a dedicated electrical line to your charging location. We’ll also install the appropriate high-voltage plug or hardwire the connection to your EV charging station.

Benefits of an EV Home Charging Station

Owning an EV comes with a host of advantages, one of the most significant being the convenience of at-home charging. Here are some key benefits you’ll enjoy when you install an EV charging station on your property:

  1. On-Demand Power: When you have a home charging station, you have the luxury of charging your vehicle whenever you need to. There’s no need to hunt for a public charging station. Simply plug in your vehicle at home and let it power up.
  2. Peace of Mind: The knowledge that you always have the ability to charge your vehicle brings a sense of security. Whether you’re returning from a long drive or preparing for the day ahead, your home charging station ensures your vehicle is always ready for the road.
  3. Time Savings: Time is valuable. With a home charging station, you can save time that otherwise would have been spent at a public charging station. You can go about your daily activities while your EV powers up.
  4. Property Value: An EV charger isn’t just a convenience. It’s an investment. As more people switch to EVs, having an at-home charging station is more appealing than ever. When the time comes to sell your property, a built-in EV charger could boost its value as a unique selling point.

By installing an EV charging station at home, you’re not just facilitating your EV usage. You’re enhancing your lifestyle and investing in your property’s future value. It’s a move that pays off in terms of convenience, peace of mind, and a potential financial return.

What Kind of EV Charger Do I Need?

Identifying the best EV charger for your needs boils down to understanding your driving and charging habits. Ask yourself questions like what your daily commute looks like, how far you plan to travel, where you’ll charge your vehicle, and at what time of day. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can move forward with deciding which EV charger is best for you.

EV chargers generally fall into two main categories: Level One and Level Two.

Level One Charging is the standard charging level. It’s the most straightforward and requires a simple three-prong wall outlet, which is available in most garages. However, this method takes twice as long as Level Two charging and offers the slowest EV charging rate.

By using standard 120-volt outlets, they can provide just up to five miles of driving range per hour of charging. While they might suffice for overnight charging of some PHEVs, you have a better option for full-fledged EVs.

Level Two Charging is the superior option if you’re constantly on the move. This level can charge your EV in about half the time it would take with a Level One charger. However, it requires professional installation of a 240-volt charging station. Level Two chargers are common in homes and public charging stations, providing around 25 miles of range per hour of charging.

They can recharge most EVs overnight and PHEVs within a few hours. Don’t worry if your property doesn’t have a 240-volt outlet. It only requires an update to your electrical panel, breaker, or other electrical systems to make it work.

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*Charger prep credits are provided by Duke Energy. For all program-related inquiries, please direct any questions to them.