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Should I Replace an AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

Should I Replace an AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

Air conditioning units and furnaces don’t last forever. Eventually, both systems reach a point where they stop working, and the repairs undertaken to fix them are more trouble than they are worth. At this point, AC and furnace replacement is necessary. 

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When this happens, should you just replace one, or should you replace both at once? They have different lifespans, so it seems like replacing one would make sense. However, there is a strong argument to be made in favor of replacing both at once. Keep reading to find out the recommended approach. 

How Does a Furnace Work with an AC Unit?

Your furnace and AC unit may seem to have nothing to do with each other. After all, hot and cold are two pretty obvious opposites. 

However, these devices are more similar than they appear when it comes to function. Both are responsible for controlling the temperature of the room, sending air through the ducts, and responding to the control of the thermostat. In addition, they often have parts that work alongside each other. 

This means a furnace and an AC unit often work side by side rather than separately. 

Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioning at the Same Time?

An AC unit usually lasts around 15-20 years, while a furnace usually has a lifespan of around 15-30 years. This leads many to think that they will need AC replacement at some point and then be able to wait around for a while before they get their heater replaced. While there is some logic in this, many professionals recommend that you replace both at the same time.

Benefits Replacing an AC and Furnace at the same time.

1. Better Efficiency

The main reason to replace an air conditioner and furnace at the same time is because of efficiency. Both devices degrade as they age, no matter how well-maintained they are. This causes them to work less effectively. Over time, these little degradations in efficiency start to add up and, in turn, mean that the units are significantly worse than they used to be. 

So, when your AC or your furnace needs replacement, it’s safe to say that the other is also experiencing problems. It may not be at the point where it needs to be replaced, but it is certainly less efficient than a new model. Choosing to replace both allows you to ensure that both are running at peak efficiency

2. Lower Energy Bill

An increase in efficiency doesn’t just mean the unit will run better. It also means that it will use less energy. An older heater may blow temperate air into a room for hours on end because the thermostat never senses the room heating up. This means the entire system is using as much energy as it can without actually doing anything. 

Meanwhile, a newer unit will be able to effectively reach the target temperature and be able to take a break after doing so. It effectively has to work less to produce the same, or better, results. By doing this, it pulls less power, leading to lower energy bills. 

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3. Money Saved on Installation

HVAC installation requires a lot of work and ends up charging a cost to account for this. In many cases, time is one of the biggest factors that impact how much an HVAC company will charge for a job. They must drive to your house, unload their equipment, and start working on your HVAC system. This takes a significant amount of time. 

Doing so for both a heater and an air conditioner takes even more time. Having them do all of this for your furnace and then having them do it again for your AC means doubling these costs. This is because the company is doing two separate jobs rather than one. 

Replacing both at once means less labor is required because it turns two jobs into one larger one. Many companies, therefore, will charge less for the job, saving you money in the long run.

4. Furnace and AC Performance

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Have you ever set your thermostat to a certain temperature and felt like it didn’t reach it? The furnace or AC unit just blows lukewarm air. Perhaps it hasn’t reached this point in its lifespan. Still, you notice that it’s not working as well as it should.

Replacing the furnace or AC unit fixes this problem. It lets it run as well as it possibly can. This allows you to actually take advantage of your HVAC system rather than have it work at a subpar level. 

5. Better Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality is incredibly important. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors. So, the quality of the air indoors has a direct impact on their health. 

Many people don’t realize indoor air quality largely depends on your HVAC system. Filters in this system allow the heater to improve air quality in the winter and the air conditioner to improve air quality in the summer. Failing to replace either of these as they grow older means that the air quality in your home will suffer for about half the year. 

6. Avoid High Repair Costs

An older furnace or air conditioner doesn’t just run less effectively and uses more energy; it also breaks down more often. This happens as the parts in the system start to fail, which causes the system as a whole to fail. So, an older furnace or air conditioner needs to be serviced more often. Repairs like these aren’t cheap, and having repair after repair starts to add up quickly. 

However, newer systems are less likely to need repairs. Replacing your furnace or AC unit will reduce the number of maintenance appointments you need to schedule. 

Is It More Affordable to Replace a Furnace and AC Together?

In general, yes, it is more affordable to replace a furnace and AC together. Most companies offer discounts and incentives or simply charge less when this is done. This makes the initial cost of tackling both jobs at once even easier. 

However, replacing both doesn’t just save on the initial costs; it also saves on the long-term costs. Replacing the system early allows for energy savings and reduced repair bills. These factors are even more significant if you opt for a modern and energy-efficient unit, which will provide even more energy savings and may need to be serviced less often. Altogether, these long-term savings make it even cheaper to make the replacement happen.

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If you need to replace the furnace and AC in your home, don’t wait around to do one or the other. Instead, take care of them both at once. The answer to the question, “Should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time?” is a clear “yes.” 

If you’re looking for a company that can do this for you, look no further than Eanes. We’ll remove your old system and replace it with a new one in no time. We also have a convenient online scheduler that you can use to pick a time that works for you. So, don’t wait; let Eanes take care of your HVAC needs today.